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freshly coated workshop in santa clarita, CA
Josh Abramson

Josh Abramson

Floor Coatings for a Garage and Home Workshop in Santa Clarita

Garages and tools go together like hamburgers and hotdogs, right?

For many homeowners, their garage is a multi-purpose space that serves as a kind of “happy place,” good for hours of quiet projects and tinkering. Maybe you love crafting, repairing small engines, or a little weekend carpentry.

No matter what you’re into, having the right floor is essential. You need something attractive, but also strong… Stylish, but without being flimsy like floor paint (or those do-it-yourself coatings that peel after a year or two).

Well, we’ve got a little garage inspiration for you.

Concrete Floor Coatings for a Home Workshop

Concrete Floor Coatings for a Home Workshop in santa clarita, ca
What a transformation!
Our crew prepping the concrete.
The Silver Creek chip was an excellent choice!

In this case, our client needed a floor that was a good fit for a garage, but also was tough enough for a well-equipped home workshop. Our floor coating team was more than up for the challenge!

After thorough surface prep and grinding, we applied the polyurea basecoat, Silver Creek chip blend, and a polyaspartic topcoat. The result is beautiful and 100% durable: slip-resistant, impact-resistant, stain-resistant, and rock solid.

  • 4x stronger than epoxy
  • Much more flexible than epoxy
  • Will never fade, chip, or peel
  • No hot-tire pickup (perfect for our very warm Santa Clarita weather)
  • Resists staining, slipping, and impact
  • Comes with a remarkable 15-year residential warranty
  • Can often be installed in just 1 DAY!

Did you notice that cove base, too? Wrapping the coating up the wall just slightly adds a nice touch, and makes for easier cleaning and maintenance.

What Can We Coat for You?

Our 1-DAY concrete coating team can transform just about any concrete surface in or around your home, from garages to patios to steps. Contact us today to get started!

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