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Canyon Country, CA, garage floor coating
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Josh Abramson

Garage Floor Coating – Canyon Country, CA

Brandon needed a durable concrete floor coating that could stand up to spills, drops and heavy use.  

His old garage floor had a light coating of paint covering the entire floor as well as stains and a crack that needed to be mended (see below photo).

He contacted ALLBRiGHT Concrete Coatings and was emailed back the same day to schedule an inspection of his concrete.

Our Garage Floor Coating Process

We started work on Brandon’s garage by resurfacing the concrete with a 600 lb. floor grinder which makes the concrete porous.  The grinding is followed by crack and pit filling with a concrete mender.

We then applied a polyurea base coat followed by the Domino colored chips Brandon chose for look, texture and slip resistance. 

Upon curing we then applied a clear polyaspartic topcoat for a long-lasting, durable and great looking finish.

The ALLBRiGHT crew completed the project in just 1-Day. Our process ensures Brandon’s garage floor will look great and remain stain, crack and chip free for many years to come!

Canyon Country, CA, garage floor coating
Canyon Country, CA, garage floor coating
Canyon Country, CA, garage floor coating
Canyon Country, CA, garage floor coating

Canyon Country, CA Garage Floor Coatings in Just 1-Day

Since 2010, ALLBRiGHT has offered the most advanced concrete floor coating technologies available on the market.

Our products are designed for ultimate durability and style, and we offer a wide variety of colors and finishes to exactly meet the look and feel you want.

Our commitment to our customer’s complete satisfaction makes us the top choice for garage floor coatings in Canyon Country and the greater Santa Clarita Valley.

If you’re ready for your garage to become your favorite space, contact us today for a no-hassle free estimate!

Brandon Loves His Freshly Coated Garage Floor!

Working with the ALLBRiGHT team was as easy as it can be. They immediately emailed me, so they can come out and inspect the concrete. They gave me the full schedule, the full rundown of the day, and that’s exactly what it was. They showed up exactly on time, and they got the whole job done in one day. And, I liked to watch the process, they were very professional, and probably as fast as it could possibly be done with, you know, the quality that it is, so.

ALLBRiGHT team noted that, you know, the quality of the product, how well it’s gonna hold up, and I’ve already abused it, believe me. They told me how tough this stuff was, and I already put it to the test. I’m constantly working on the bikes, I’ve already spilled oil all over it, dropped wrenches on it, everything, and there’s not even a scratch on it. So, they absolutely came through with everything they promised.

I have already recommended ALLBRiGHT to everyone I know. Even back when it was their painting days, and now the concrete stuff, they do everything all the way. Research-wise, just the product that they produce is just, it’s phenomenal.”

– Brandon

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