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Josh Abramson

Josh Abramson

Garage Floor Concrete Coating in Pasadena, CA

Our crew recently coated a driveway in Pasadena, CA in just 1-Day.  The existing concrete was in poor condition and the homeowners were ready to enhance and beautify their garage using durable polyurea which is 4x stronger than epoxy.

After taking a look at all of our flake/chip options, these Pasadena homeowners choose the Tidal Wave flake.  You can view more flake colors here

We started the project using 600 lb. floor grinders to profile the concrete, followed by crack and pit filling with a concrete mender. 

We make the concrete porous by resurfacing with grinders and then applying the polyurea base coat, then the colored chips for look, texture and slip resistance and upon curing we apply the clear polyaspartic topcoat for the job to be warrantied.

tidal wave flake garage floor coating
Tidal Wave Flake

Garage Floor Coatings That Last

Once the project was complete, the homeowners told our crew how great their freshly coated garage floor looked.  

Our unique concrete coating on your driveway, walkway, patio or garage won’t yellow, chip or peel – guaranteed! It’s also super easy to clean.

Use the image slider below to view this incredible transformation.

Why Use a Concrete Concrete on Your Driveway, Porch & Walkway?

Aside from just how great quality concrete coatings look, using a high-quality, long lasting concrete coating offers durability and protection. UV damage, impact from vehicles, and foot traffic all take their toll over time, but not when you have the right protective barrier in place.

Our coatings are also slip-resistant. If traction is a particular concern (maybe for those with mobility issues), we can even add extra silica for increased grip.

Here’s a quick snapshot of all the benefits:

  • 1-DAY coating application
  • 4x the strength of epoxy systems
  • UV-stable, meaning that it will NEVER fade or discolor!
  • Slip-resistant (perfect for wet surfaces)
  • We offer a 5-year residential warranty on exterior surfaces and commercial projects, and a 15-year warranty on residential interiors spaces like garages, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Impact and stain resistant

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