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polyurea coated pool deck in santa clarita valley
Josh Abramson

Josh Abramson

Pool Deck Coating in Castaic

The concrete around your pool works hard! Splashing, foot traffic, dragged furniture, relentless sun exposure, rain … They all take a toll over time.

Plus, you want your poolside space to look good, right?

While decks can certainly be a solid option, they require annual maintenance, repairs, refinishing, and eventually a full replacement. Even concrete gets tired and worn. So, what’s the solution?

How Do You Protect the Concrete Around Your Pool?

We recommend a high-quality concrete coating. There is just no better way to efficiently enhance and protect your poolside space, adding custom style at the same time. It’s cost-effective too, and lets you get back to enjoying your pool in just a day or two.

As a real-life example, let’s zoom in on Andy’s pool in Castaic, right here in Santa Clarita Valley. Much like you, he was looking for the best option to dress up a beautiful outdoor area, using the concrete he already had.

After meeting with one of our estimators, he decided to go with the Pebble Beach coating color. It’s a perfect fit, offering a classy, natural aesthetic.

An ALLBRiGHT Poolside Transformation!

Here are a few of our favorite “after” shots:

coated pool deck in castaic, CA
The Pebble Beach flake looks fantastic!
This coated pool deck is looking ALLBRiGHT!
This pool deck was coated with durable polyurea.

What Makes This the Perfect Poolside Concrete Coating?

Here are the key benefits:

  • 1-DAY coating application
  • 4x the strength of epoxy systems
  • UV-stable, meaning that it will NEVER fade or discolor!
  • Slip-resistant (perfect for wet surfaces)
  • 15-year residential warranty
  • Impact and stain resistant

Ready to explore the potential for your own concrete pool deck and patio? Contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation!

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