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garage floor concrete coating in valencia, ca
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Replacing Failed Epoxy With Durable Polyurea in Valencia, CA

We recently completed a garage floor coating project in Valencia, CA where the homeowner had failing epoxy – it’s common to see garage floors that have been coated with epoxy, crack, chip and peel over the years (see below photo of customer’s concrete). 

At ALLBRiGHT Concrete Coatings, we use durable polyurea which is 4x stronger than epoxy and won’t crack, chip or peel. We are so confident in our product that all residential concrete coating projects come with a 15-year warranty. 

If your garage floor is suffering from failed epoxy, we can help! 

failed epoxy on a garage floor in valencia, CA

Our Garage Floor Coating Process

We started the project using 600 lb. floor grinders to profile the concrete and remove the existing epoxy coating, followed by crack and pit filling with a concrete mender. 

We make the concrete porous by resurfacing with grinders and then apply the polyurea base coat followed by the colored chips for look, texture and slip resistance. Upon curing we then apply the clear polyaspartic topcoat for the job to be warrantied.

polyurea garage floor coating in valencia, CA
polyurea garage floor coating in valencia, CA
polyurea garage floor coating in valencia, CA
polyurea garage floor coating in valencia, CA

Garage Floor Coatings in Just 1-Day

After taking a look at all of our flake/chip options, these Valencia homeowners choose the Mount Everest flake which looks absolutely stunning.  You can view our flake colors here

Our crew completed the project in just 1-Day and the homeowner was thrilled with their freshly coated garage floor! 

Are you ready for your garage to become your favorite room in your house? Contact us today to schedule a free on-site or virtual estimate.

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